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Tips for Video Production at Home

With the quarantine in place currently our pastoral and leadership teams have been recording videos from home for our services and social media channels a lot so I made a short video to help them make those videos as high quality as possible. Figured this information may also benefit other churches like yours! So here it is:

Note: This is not my house, we’re currently staying with my parents until we complete the purchase of our new home.

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Seth, thanks for this! If using two phones (one for audio, one for video), should we use the “voice memo” (on lossless quality) app for ther voice recording?

Voice Memos would work okay, Garage Band would probably be a little better because I think the Voice memos app adds some noise reduction, EQ and compression that you may not want. Though I suppose if you’re not planning on editing the audio after the fact and adding your own noise reduction, EQ and compression that could be a good thing.

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